Is here!  Hopefully we’ll get a lot of this…

Silver Birch and Snow

Snow in the Back Yard

Time to get knitting!

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4 Responses to Winter

  1. Oh I feel colder looking at all that white but wow Id love to experience it at least onec!

  2. Le Loup says:

    I hope we do get some snow, & I hope it lays!!! Usually here it comes after rain so never settles.
    Fingers crossed Guyra Girl 🙂
    Regards, Keith.
    Guyra area.

  3. Le Loup says:

    Oh lucky you!!! Not enough to settle on the wet ground here, & we are about the same height as Guyra!!!
    Regards, Keith.

    Wychwood Forest.

  4. Susan says:

    Such a beautiful New England winter scene. I used to feel sympathy for my husband out surveying around Guyra a few decades ago, but snow is so magical to me.

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