Getting Ready…

It is now March here on the New England Tablelands and up the hill, where I live, it is rapidly turning into Autumn.  There are leaves changing on the Maple trees, the nights are getting cooler and the days seem to be  getting far too short and we have had buckets of rain!

The rain, for me, has been the worst – what with a new roof that has sprung a leak, thankfully now fixed, and masses of blackberries turning mouldy!  I had only made jam before the big downpour and so I have no stock of blackberry cordial/syrup or blackberry nip (purely medicinal – best thing ever when you have a caught a chill that threatens to turn into a cold).  The raspberries never had a chance to be made into jam, they were too delicious eaten directly from the garden!

But on the positive side of the changing season is the Autumn harvest and clean up!  Turning over all the potato plants has provided an abundance of beautiful potatoes which should keep us out of trouble for quite a time.  They have all been sorted and classed, now stored in the cool shed in dark fully enclosed boxes.  The corn crop has been a rocketing success too with enough ears picked to fill the freezer.  We still have a plethora of tomatoes on the vines too, with those already picked turned mainly into sauce.  We have a couple of apples to pick and deal with as well.

Out in the chook run my new Light Sussex, Lacey, has turned broody and a lovely gentleman provided me with a clutch of fertile eggs.  As you can see from the photograph below she is tenacious in her drive for chicks!  Although why she prefers the cardboard nesting box to the luxury of the converted fruit box is beyond me!  The other hens, however, are taking great delight in their new nesting box and lay every single one of their eggs there.

I have also ‘winterised’ the coop a little more, adding a few pieces of ply board to the roof and both sides to give them all more protection from the elements, especially the howling winds that seem to be plaguing us at the moment.

So that is life on the little plot of ground at Guyra at the moment.  I am hoping that this weekend will bring some sunshine and a bit of warmth so that I can do some much needed Autumn cleaning in the house, everything seems to be dusty and grimy.  Don’t you just hate that?

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2 Responses to Getting Ready…

  1. One day I shall have some chookies!

  2. Le Loup says:

    Good to find a blogger who lives in the same area, we are only about 25 klm from Guyra.
    Regards, Keith.

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