Murder Most Fowl

A silly heading, my odd sense of humour coming through, but we have had two murders in the chook-house within 48 hours of each other.  The question is, who or what is to blame?  There are two theories – a neighbour’s cat, who has been seen stalking said chook-house, or a hawk.  Over the last week or so there have been many an ‘expert’ leaning on the fence, listening to evidence and placing their verdict and the majority seem to blame the cat, even though the hawk was seen in the vicinity.  The reason?  The first gruesome find was headless, the neck clearly gnawed on by teeth rather than beak, and the second victim, on closer inspection, also had teeth marks around the neck.  The wise old sages also assured us that there was not enough room for a hawk to swoop upon its prey.  

In the end it really doesn’t matter what was responsible.  We lost Harriet and Esme, two beloved little bantams who were endlessly amusing, sweet and provided a good deal of eggs.  By Sunday last we only had little Milly left, she was safely locked up in her tractor but already pining for her mates.  So after a frantic telephone call to Troy at the Chookery, we ended up with Gertie.

Gertie spent her first six days in the little chook tractor with Milly, who was not impressed, and she found her name by her rather comely appearance.  But as you can see from the above photo, she is out and about with Milly and roaming free.

How on earth can I do this with said murderous cat and hawk still about?  I spent nearly the entire weekend cat and hawk proofing their yard.    

It looks rather awkward but it works.  

Now I am looking forward to an afternoon of knitting in front of a warm fire and waiting for my Roast Pumpkin soup to finish proving so I can feast!

I do hope you all have had such a productive weekend.  And to all the Mums out there – Happy Mother’s Day!

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2 Responses to Murder Most Fowl

  1. Oh I hope your new hen is ok and many eggs are forthcoming and I agree it was a pussy job…

  2. Ellie-Mae says:

    Oh your poor chookies. I love your enclosing, it looks like a mammoth job.

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