A Lovely Day

Today was exactly that – a lovely day.  Nothing was rushed, nothing ‘had’ to be done, it was just a day for relaxing and having some fun.

I dyed some more silk/wool for a few pairs of socks for some lovely friends.

I hand washed a few pairs of my own socks and left them on the line to dry.

I watched bees feasting on my lavender and wondered how many plants it would take to support a hive and what would the resulting honey taste like and would the lavender also be a subtle part of the beeswax?

Finally, we escaped the heat of late afternoon by kicking back in the shade.

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3 Responses to A Lovely Day

  1. That yarn is gorgeous! I love the sunshine yellow!

  2. Neverland says:

    excellent macro of the bees on the lavender. I love the yarn knit

  3. Linda Clark says:

    Forget the yarn and the bees, what about that marvelous dog, what a wonderful specimen of loyal friendship!

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