Yarn Along

Some of my favourite or most peaceful moments in life have involved a good book or some knitting, when feeling particularly brave they are often combined!  It is no wonder, then, that I am thoroughly enjoying joining Ginny in her Yarn Along.  For more posts or to add your own head on over to her blog, Small Things.

This week I have delved into one of my favourite authors, Miles Franklin, indulging in “Back To Bool Bool”.  It is part of the series that she wrote under the pseudonym of Brent of Bin Bin.  I prefer the earlier books because they contain the character of Bert Poole – oh how I adored that man in my youth.  You know the type, tall, handsome, good with horses, sadly fictional.  He rates right up there with the other first fictional crushes of Mr Rochester from Jane Eyre and Gilbert Blythe from the Anne books.  The second book is “Spinning Wool Beyond the Basics” by Anne Field, a wonderful book that I am enjoying.  I must subconsciously pick some things up from these books, because I seem to do okay on the spinning front.

The knitting project is a pair of socks for me.  YAY!  The wool is Waikiwi 4ply and is 55% NZ Merino, 20% Nylon, 15% Alpaca and 10% Possum.  I love the idea of having a pair of socks with possum in them.  I have to say the yarn is wonderfully soft and is knitting up well.  Hopefully I will have them finished tonight.

I hope everyone has a lovely Australia Day and that all those souls in Southern Queensland and Northern NSW remain safe in the downpours!
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1 Response to Yarn Along

  1. Greer says:

    I haven't been brave enough to knit socks yet, though I did buy some possum wool once!

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