What has happened to Summer?

It seems that we have gone back to Winter, and yet we are well into the first month of Summer.  None of the beasts are happy, especially The BBC and The Queen of the House.

It is wet, miserable and cold so I think I will give in and just light the fire.  Only when The BBC sticks his feet out from under the blanket will I know that the house is warm enough for them.  Do you ever suspect that I pander entirely too much to my cats?  I deny that, of course, I just use them as an excuse!

We did have a lovely day yesterday, which allowed for much needed clothes washing and the lawn to be mowed.  The best part of yesterday, though, was our local Stitch & Bitch where we exchanged Secret Santa gifts.  Mine was from the wonderful Yarnosophy and contained a hand-made apron, hand-dyed Merino/Nylon Sock yarn, hand-made stitch markers and a copy of “Eliza’s Gift” by Rachael Herron (which is the Australian publication of her wonderful story “How To Knit A Love Song” – of which I am a HUGE fan; who couldn’t love a book that has a cowboy, a border collie and knitting in it?  Seriously, who?!).

I just hope that my Secret Santa isn’t too disappointed with her present.

Anyway, I think I will go and bake a loaf of bread just so I can wear my new apron!

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