Guyra Hospital Auxiliary Craft Fair

Following a request (or should that be order?) from one of my favourite Mad Aunts, yesterday was spent at the Craft Fair.  My Mum and I went up with our wheels, fibre, yarns and assortment of tools so that we could demonstrate spinning to anyone who was interested – which turned out to be quite a few.  As you will see from the pictures below, we were a bit of an oddity at the Fair, but we had fun and the money raised went to a good cause.

One thing that I didn’t grab a shot of was the beautiful smocked and lace items made by Nola Hill – they were just stunning!

Amongst all the people who came to watch us spin and ask a million questions, my favourite was an elderly gentleman who sat for quite some time to tell me all about how his mother would spin wool with a very high twist and make all the family’s socks with it.  When I asked if she spent a lot of time darning them as well, he laughed and said no and leaned in to let me in on his mother’s secret – she use to soak the wool used for heels in tea so that the tannin would ‘harden’ the yarn and make them wear longer!

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