Spring Days

Are wonderful for the soul and today was just absolute bliss!

There is a riot of Wisteria blooms twisted over the arches that separate the house backyard from what should be the kitchen garden.

While my beloved cornflowers, poppies and irises are just starting to come out.

 Bees are busy doing what they do best amongst some of my bulbs.

And while I have no idea what the heck these things are, they seem to be enjoying the ‘mood’ of spring too.

 The only downside of today was that I realised I have been awfully slack in getting seeds into the ground or pots for vegetables.  However that was pretty easy to rectify and I am happy to report that I have sown my carrots, onions, beetroot and spinach directly into the garden beds whilst tomatoes, lettuce, sweet corn, peas, beans, sunflowers and strawberries have been sown into seedling beds in the mini greenhouse.

I also tackled my strawberry/herb patch – which will now be dedicated to strawberries only.  It was cleared of Cat Mint and Oregano.  The Mad Kelpie appreciated it and rolled for hours in the discarded herbs, she smells quite sweet!
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!
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1 Response to Spring Days

  1. What a glorious looking day!

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