Smokey Days

Everyone is doing Hazard Reduction, but there are also some actual fires out and about which is quite scary.  You can check it out at the RFS website.

Looks like it will be a bad season for bushfires.

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2 Responses to Smokey Days

  1. Ellie-Mae says:

    Based on the wind today it seems to be rather foolish to me.

  2. Jan says:

    We used to have bush place at at Wollombi in Hunter. At end of bushfire season one year we were there when it turned unexpectedly very warm with strong northerlies. Think late April for timing, outside the required permit needed for burning off.

    We smelt smoke and went to investigate. Local RFS secretary had lit fire which got away from him in the wind. Idiot, actually. All the locals gathered around to fight it. Took a long time but we managed it although it came with 2 metres of holiday house of Doug Anderson, Herald TV writer. He wasn't there at the time and was astounded later to see how close it had been.

    When we burnt off, we did it in July/August when it was near impossible to get fire going with cold and damp, even using RFS equipment.

    Bad season ahead? Probably. Lots of rain earlier has led to lush growth so there's loads of fuel around all over the state.

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