Going for a bit of a wander

As of last Friday my little bantams started laying!  Harriet, the hen, has been giving me an egg a day and Esme laid her fist egg on Saturday. 

Esme’s egg is the smallest, then you have two of Harriet’s and just for comparison I have added an Isa Brown egg.  It sounds silly, but there is nothing quite as exciting as going out to the chookies and discovering an egg in the nesting boxes!
I also wrapped up my January “To Do” list on Sunday morning by making soap! Scary and exciting all at the same time.

I used the recipe provided here on the Down To Earth blog with a few changes. I used my own rose-lavender water and substituted some Rose Hip Oil for part of the Olive Oil in the receipe.  It made just over 17 bars of soap and as you can see from above, they are now curing.  I can’t wait to use them.  I still have my Duck Fat soap to make, but I am hoping to do that with a few friends – these adventures always seem more enjoyable with good company!

In a small country town you often see a lot of weird things in your street, for instance we’ve had kangaroos hopping down the street on a foggy morning and not so long ago we even had an emu going for a little bit of a wander, and of course no one is likely to forget the chook tractor perched on the back of the ute a few weeks back!  But Monday evening these rocked up:

They were pulled along by utilities and only stayed for 24 hours, but what a sight they were.  It is small things like this that make me love this town.

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1 Response to Going for a bit of a wander

  1. Becky says:

    Your soap looks wonderful. The heart moulds would be great for gift soap.

    I love collecting chook eggs too and know what you mean about it being special.

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