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Simple and Easy Cheesecake

Just because I am currently making one and I am not my Aunts, here it is… Utensils I UseSpringform Cake TinMeasuring Cups and SpoonsScalesAncient Mix MasterBlenderRefrigerator Base 125g Nice biscuits crushed/crumbled/destroyed in blender 90g butter melted Mix these together and press … Continue reading

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When a mate calls and ask you to cook breakfast for his weekend visitors, you rock up expecting to see one or two extra motor vehicles parked about the place. Sometimes you get more than you expected.

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Going for a bit of a wander

As of last Friday my little bantams started laying!  Harriet, the hen, has been giving me an egg a day and Esme laid her fist egg on Saturday.  Esme’s egg is the smallest, then you have two of Harriet’s and … Continue reading

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