Small Things During The Month

I mostly feel overwhelmed at the start of a New Year.  Why?  Because there are just so many things I want to do, I end up sounding like a small child who just keeps adding things to a list with “and then”.  This year I am looking at each month and making small notes about what I would like to achieve or rather try for that month and keeping it pretty simple so that it isn’t overwhelming.  So far it is has been pretty successful –

Build or purchase a chook tractor for two chooks or three bantams.

A lovely woman that I feel honoured to call a friend gave me her old one last weekend! It was a family effort as her mother and lovely step father drove it up the hill on the back of a utility, which made quite a sight as it came up our street.  I love them all for the amount of effort they put in and even though I don’t have the words, I hope they all know how much it meant to me. The only ‘building’ required was to replace the snake and rodent wire on the bottom, which was finished last night.  I’ll let you all in on a secret – I can’t build a thing, I don’t even own a power drill!  So here it is:

With three nesting boxes and a decent sized enclosed run, it is just perfect for my needs.  Which brings me to…

Obtain hens or bantam hens.

That is being done tonight when I collect three Orpington Bantam hens from a lovely breeder down in Armidale.  Everything is ready for them, the nesting boxes are lined with soft hay mulch, I have feed and all the other bits and pieces required.  Names will have to wait until their personalities reveal them.

Finish socks for M & W (the lovely couple who carried up the chook tractor!). 

This should be done this weekend.  I am nearly finished the first sock in the last pair for Ms M, made from the self striping experiment no. 2 which is coming together quite well.  Then all I have to do is finish the ends of W’s socks and it is done.  Woo hoo!

Make Down To Earth Soap. 

Since I read on her blog about her revised soap recipe which makes a “Castile” style soap, I’ve been very curious to try it out.  Maybe I’ll give it a go on Australia Day.  I also really want to try making Duck fat soap.  Oh the possibilities!

So, am I the only one who is doing simple monthly objectives, or do you guys have some too?

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2 Responses to Small Things During The Month

  1. Ellie-Mae says:

    Wes should make a soap making date. Your chook pen looks lovely in it's new surroundings, I can't wait to see your feathered lovelies clucking and scratching around in there.

  2. Becky says:

    Soap making sounds great. I have only made the simple Jelly Wares recipe so far.

    The chook run looks great too, lucky you. I now see it wasn't a puppy that they gave you, but I was close 😉

    I have a big list of things, maybe I should break it down like you.

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