A Lovely Saturday

Spent mostly knitting, but I did get to do another experiment in a self-striping dye job.  Behold the skein of Cyclamen and Wild Raspberry drying on the line.

There was time to wander about the garden too.  It looks like we’ll have quite a good harvest of apples and nectarines, not to mention the blackberries.  Two bushes and both full of berries – just the thing for eating, jam making and lovely pies.

Sadly my raspberries are all but done with only a few jars of jam made, the rest were eaten straight off the vine.

For those who have recently asked, here is Little Black Cat.  He has a new alias at home now, The BBC – The Big Black Cat.  As you can see, he is fully recovered with only a small scar on his nose as a reminder of that horrible event.

The Queen still doesn’t understand what all the fuss is about him.

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1 Response to A Lovely Saturday

  1. Becky says:

    I LOVE your dye job. Beautiful! I am also a tad jealous of your berry crop 🙂

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