Happy New Year

After an incredibly hectic day full of good company, lots of laughs and a little too much fun in the sun in the afternoon, it is lovely to come home and spend a quiet ten mintues enjoying the view from my little enclosed verandah room as I knit.

Ten minutes peace during a wonderful day – I am looking forward to this year being filled with wonderful days and those precious ten minutes. 

I was thankful to say goodbye to 2010 as it was a very difficult year for my family with a beloved member spending most of it fighting long and hard against an extremely aggressive metastatic breast cancer. Sadly she lost her battle only a few weeks ago.  The world certainly seems much bleaker at times without this beautiful and graceful soul in my life.  She personified warmth and love, always worried more about others than herself, even in the last few days all she wanted was reassurances that those left behind would be well cared for.  It was an easy promise to make to her and one I will always keep.

But this is a new year, full of so many possibilities and I am very keen to embrace it.

I hope everyone enjoys a happy new year full of love, laughter and happiness!

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1 Response to Happy New Year

  1. Becky says:

    I hope this year is wonderful for you bringing you every joy imaginable.

    I am also very jealous of your verandah, what a wonderful space to sit and enjoy an afternoon!

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