Rocky Road Just For Emily

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without home made treats! The last few nights I have been making nothing but batches of Rocky Road.

And just for Emily, the ingredients are:

250g bag of marshmallows chopped in half (hint, if your knife gets too sticky, dip it in icing sugar)
½ cup of raspberry lollies cut in half
125g Macadamia nuts chopped roughly

350g of chocolate – a lot of recipes will tell you to use cooking chocolate, but I have found that the best tasting rocky Road is always made with real chocolate from the lolly section of the supermarket. Luckily for me and all would be Rocky Road makers out there you can buy a 350g slab of Cadbury chocolate.

Now for the method:

Line a lamington tin with grease proof paper and put it aside.

Put the marshmallows, raspberry lollies and nuts together in a bowl and mix roughly. Don’t worry about the nuts dropping down to the bottom, we’ll get round that soon.

Break up your chocolate into a Pyrex bowl or jug and zap it for 2 minutes on high in the microwave. Don’t be fooled into thinking that this hasn’t melted the chocolate if it is still holding its shape – use a spatula to mix it all together and you will see how deceptive those ‘solid’ pieces are! If you do still have semi solid pieces even after a good stir, zap it for another 30 seconds on high and stir again, repeat until you are happy with the consistency.

At this stage I like to pour the chocolate over the dry ingredients and mix together, you get a small amount of melting with the marshmallows which gives a lovely texture to the finished Rocky Road. Some people, however, like to allow the chocolate to cool a little so that you don’t get that texture. You’ll fiddle and experiment and you’ll find you like the best.

Remember the nuts falling to the bottom? Make sure during the mixing with the chocolate that you use a spatula to get right down to the bottom of the bowl and bring them through the mixture.

When you are happy with the mix, spoon it out into the tray. I say “spoon”, generally I just turn the bowl out into the tray and use the spatula to spread it out. Put it in the fridge to set, I tend to leave mine overnight, then it is as simple as cutting it up into rough bit size pieces.

Everyone in our family loves it.

Tonight is Rocky Road free, tonight I am baking a Chocolate Cheesecake instead.

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4 Responses to Rocky Road Just For Emily

  1. Em says:

    I'm going to make this tomorrow – I LOVE rocky road!!!

  2. Becky says:

    My recipe is almost the same, but I just drop spoonfulls on a lined tray and then I don't have to cut it up. Rocky Road bite size 🙂

    p.s. my clothesline is 4 very long wires and it has two sticks in the middle to adjust the heights when you hang out your washing. I love it, unless the cow tries to scratch on one of the sticks sending my washing plunging toward the ground…

  3. I am off to the stupermarket to get the ingredients tonight after the kidlets have gone to bed!

  4. Cadbury says:

    Your Rocky Road looks absolutely delicious! Glad we could help out with our 350g block of Cadbury Dairy Milk 🙂

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