Some Peace Of Mind

There is a happy little hen house somewhere in Guyra that is rather old fashioned. The wire runs deep in the ground and while the gates are rather uninspiring they keep the chooks in and the nasty things out. Nesting boxes are protected from the elements and during the spring the wisteria blooms, during summer the dense foliage keeps the run and house cool, yet come autumn the leaves turn and drop so that during the winter the chooks have the joy of the sun.

During these longer, sunny days they get to wander about the paddocks, picking away at grass, hay and bugs to their hearts content. Then, just as the sun starts to lower, they come running to the call of “Chookie, Chookie, Chook Chook” to a huge feed of vegetable scraps, crusts of bread and their grain mix. On really cold mornings they are treated to warm porridge…not that I want you to think they are being spoilt in anyway! Do they look spoilt to you, or just well loved little ones?

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2 Responses to Some Peace Of Mind

  1. lillismum says:

    i wanna come visit your chookies Miss Mandy!!

    so delightful to see you again on friday nite – it was a truly amazing evening xxxxxx

  2. Susan says:

    Very spoilt girls indeed! Chooks don't care for posh “Double Bay” hen-houses, as long as they are safe from foxes and have a warm dry bed they're content, just as yours look to be. Happy egg-laying season!

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