A Long Weekend

What a rollercoaster weekend it has been!

Friday was the highlight of the whole kit and caboodle – a much needed day off work with no pressing engagements or harrowing appointments. Instead Friday brought the joy of FINALLY finding a bed that I like and purchasing it and a new mattress while saving $500 in the process (yes, I like bargains!). Not only that, but I was given the wonderful opportunity of viewing “Balala”, a property situated near Uralla. Anyone who knows me will understand why this brought me so much pleasure just from the photographs below, which are from the Landmark website for the property:

The history of this property is incredible, first being taken up as a grazing lease in 1840 and then purchase in 1880 by Richard Hudson and held in the family until its sale now. The man in my life will go on about the opportunities afforded by the land – the mix of native and naturalised pastures, arable creek flats, gently sloping grasslands, low hills and most importantly four reliable creeks which intersect the property. His gaze rested on the grand expanse of paddocks and he whispered to me, “Just over three thousand acres…six thousand DSE…imagine that!”

I, however, was far more interested in the homestead, woolshed, granary and other numerous outbuildings on the property. “If only” ran through my mind a million times as I walked amongst the slab timber structures, stood in the middle of the central courtyard of the old homestead and looked beyond the rather sad exterior of the rambling old place. I could see the place lovingly restored, not just the buildings but the gardens and orchards as well. To me there was nothing but wealth in the buildings, beauty and history wrapped up in slab, stone and iron. But there was more than that, there was something magical about the place, almost as if time had shifted and you were able to glimpse the past, these buildings were hosts to the ghosts of pioneers long gone.

The property is up for auction on April 30 and I hope that the new owner will see the merit in restoring it to its former glory.

Saturday was also spent viewing a few more properties in the district, mainly around Guyra. After “Balala” none of them stood out, although our vision was clouded by the horrible creeping of a fever fuelled virus which struck with a vengeance that afternoon. This pretty much wrote off the rest of the weekend until today. Why is it that nasty bugs and viruses ALWAYS strike on a long weekend and why is it that EVERYONE is the house gets sick at exactly the same time?

Today will be a quiet day, a lamb roast is slowing cooking away at the moment and I fully intend to spend the rest of the morning doing some spinning, working on a pair of socks for myself and chatting to my darling about dreams.  I also want to go through all my scrap material to start on a “Bachelor Puzzle” quilt in honor of the new bed, hopefully I will finish it before the bed is delivered! It may be dull to some, but I think it is a lovely way to spend some time!

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend as much as I did.

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2 Responses to A Long Weekend

  1. Balala is beautiful! But needs more than a little work;) I had the pleasure a few years ago, and yes, I can see you sitting there in your wooden rocking chair, knitting on your lap, dog at your feet on one side, cat on the other, knitting out the rest of your days in country homesteaded bliss!

  2. Becky says:

    I saw that place in the paper, isn't it beautiful!

    Dreams, new beds and quilts are all very important 🙂

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